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Zertifikat No. 143264

Für das Meeting "International Conference on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors - Learning from the Past, Enabling the Future" des Veranstalters IAEA .
Datum der Veranstaltung24.06.2019-28.06.2019
VeranstaltungsortVienna International Centre

The safe, secure and sustainable management of spent fuel from nuclear power reactors is key to the sustainable utilization of nuclear energy and covers many technological aspects related to the storage, transportation, recycling and disposal of spent fuel and high level waste generated from spent fuel reprocessing.

The sustainability of nuclear energy involves the preservation of natural resources and the minimization of generated wastes. Currently, in some countries, the uranium and plutonium remaining in spent fuel are recycled as mixed oxide (MOX) fuel in thermal reactors, saving natural uranium resources. Future advanced fuel cycles based on next generation reactors aim at making nuclear energy almost independent of uranium natural resources and will dramatically reduce the generated wastes.


Das oben genannte "Green Meeting" wurde von Wiener Tourismusverband Vienna Convention Bureau lizenziert und entspricht den Kriterien des Österreichischen Umweltzeichens UZ62 für "Green Meetings und Green Events".

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