Das Österreichische Umweltzeichen - Green Meetings

Zertifikat No. 143760

Für das Meeting "International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals - ISTR 2019" des Veranstalters IAEA .
Datum der Veranstaltung28.10.2019-01.11.2019

The International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals, ISTR-2019, will provide scientists and professionals working in the fields of production of radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals an international forum for discussing the most recent developments in the field. Various topics will be covered during the Symposium including development, production, and uses of diagnostic, therapeutic, and theranostic radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals, as well as regulatory and licensing issues related to their production.  Education, certification and training methodologies will also be addressed.

The ISTR-2019 will provide a great opportunity for chemists, biologists, pharmacists, physicists, medical researchers, and other experts in the international community to meet and discuss their most recent work. This meeting will help maintain existing and establish new collaborations to address common problems and expand the worldwide use of radiopharmaceuticals.


Das oben genannte "Green Meeting" wurde von Wiener Tourismusverband Vienna Convention Bureau lizenziert und entspricht den Kriterien des Österreichischen Umweltzeichens UZ62 für "Green Meetings und Green Events".

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