Das Österreichische Umweltzeichen - Green Meetings

Zertifikat No. 42126

Für das Meeting "Bringing the Action Plan to Life / Towards a Fact Based Circular Economy " des Veranstalters Gesellschaft für Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft (GWAW).
Datum der Veranstaltung20.09.2018

Making the transformation towards a circular economy by 2030 is comparable in scope to the energy transition to a low-carbon economy and the digitisation of industry 4.0: The circular economy transition is nothing less than a sea change in the EU’s approach to raw materials.

Until quite recently, the discussion mainly focused on municipal waste and the legislative proposal to review EU waste legislation. The EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy is broader  than that: It looks at the whole life cycle from production to waste management, markets, innovation and monitoring. The Action Plan addresses five priority areas: plastics, food, critical raw materials, construction and demolition, and biomass and bio-based products.

Convening high-profile speakers from politics, business, academia and civil society, the conference highlights certain policy fields that stakeholders believe should be prioritized among the issues addressed in the Action Plan. In doing so, the conference aims to foster a fact-based discussion based on concrete research results. It will cover environmental impact as well as resource and raw material aspects of the circular economy.


Das oben genannte "Green Meeting" wurde von FAIRANSTALTUNG, DI Ursula Müllner Unternehmensberatung u. Veranstaltungsorganisation lizenziert und entspricht den Kriterien des Österreichischen Umweltzeichens UZ62 für "Green Meetings und Green Events".

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