Das Österreichische Umweltzeichen - Green Meetings

Zertifikat No. 6542

Für das Meeting "ERSCP2012 - European Round Table on Sustainable Consumption and Production" des Veranstalters Österreischisches Ökologie Institut.
Datum der Veranstaltung02.05.2012-04.05.2012

The ERSCP, existing since 1994, is one of Europe’s most remarkable conferences in
its field. The 15th ERSCP takes place in Bregenz, Austria, located in the four-countrycorner
around Lake Constance (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland).
This region is one of the most prosperous and dynamic ones in Europe – in economic
growth as well as in sustainable development and quality of life.
For more information visit our website www.erscp2012.eu

The ERSCP 2012 places special emphasis on intense and vivacious dialogue between
research and business. The motto “SCP meets industry” demonstrates this approach.
This particular focus is shown by the fact that 8 leading companies located in the region
are partners of the conference.
We encourage researchers to meet the needs of those (and other) companies
and to give critical feedback on corporate activities. Companies are asked to
raise questions to the scientific community and to bring in their experiences and best

The 15th ERSCP tackles six main topics: Buildings / Tourism / Lifestyles / Resilience / Energy / Ressources



Das oben genannte "Green Meeting" wurde von Kongresskultur Bregenz GmbH lizenziert und entspricht den Kriterien des Österreichischen Umweltzeichens UZ62 für "Green Meetings und Green Events".

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