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International Symposium on Uranium Raw Material for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (URAM-2023)
Veranstaltet von: IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency

Vienna International Center

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Wiener Tourismusverband - Vienna Convention Bureau

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The long-term sustainability of nuclear power will depend on, among several factors, an adequate supply of uranium resources that can be delivered to the marketplace at competitive prices.

The purpose of the event is to analyse supply–demand scenarios and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations in uranium geology, exploration, mining, processing and site decommissioning to ensure a sustainable supply of uranium for use as nuclear fuel. The presentations and discussions at URAM-2023 will:

  • Lead to a better understanding of the adequacy of uranium supply to meet future demand;
  • Provide information on geological models, new exploration concepts, knowledge and technologies that may potentially result in the discovery and development of new uranium resources;
  • Describe new mining and processing technologies that have the potential to support a more efficient and sustainable development of uranium and related resources; and
  • Consider the environmental compatibility of uranium production and the overall effectiveness of progressive waste management, decommissioning and remediation of production facilities.
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