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EAVE Producers Workshop 2023

Veranstaltet von: EAVE Asbl


Congress Centrum Alpbach

Congress Centrum Alpbach - Alpbach Tourismus GmbH

Alpbach 246
6236 Alpbach

Tel.: +43 5336 600 100
Fax.: +43 5336 600 200
Email: info@alpbach.at

Congress Centrum Alpbach - Alpbach Tourismus GmbH

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Founded in 1988, our objectives are to provide professional training opportunities and to bring producers from different regions of the world together with the aim of facilitating co-production relationships. Our flagship programme is the EAVE PRODUCERS WORKSHOP. It is a project-based yearly training programme consisting of 3 one-week residential workshops. The workshops bring together some 55 upcoming producers and professionals from Europe and the rest of the world to discuss common concrete projects in development. It combines, on one hand, a steady group of cross-cultural top-notch experts and decision makers and on the other hand, a group of participants consisting of key industry players. The event in Alpbach is the second part of EAVE Producers Workshop 2023.

Dauer des Meetings

7 Tage
Zielland: Österreich

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