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EPCA Annual Meeting 2023
European Petrochemical Association
Veranstaltet von: European Petrochemical Association

Hilton Vienna Park

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Invalidenstraße 6
1030 Wien

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Wiener Tourismusverband - Vienna Convention Bureau

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EPCA is an international nonprofit organisation with over 650 member companies from 48 countries

Its mission is to bring petrochemical businesspeople together, provide and exchange information and promoting best practice strengthening their understanding of the political, economic, social and tech trends shaping their world and contributing to a smart, resilient, sustainable and inclusive future.

The 57th Annual Meeting will focus on the theme of "Collaboration for Impact" with a particular emphasis on energy security, affordability, and sustainability.

During the event, EPCA and its sponsors will organize sessions to explore crucial topics for the petrochemical sector and our society.The program has a diverse range of topics and renowned speakers lined up for each day.

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