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International Conference on Computer Security in the Nuclear World: Security for Safety

Veranstaltet von: IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency


Vienna International Center

Wiener Tourismusverband - Vienna Convention Bureau

Invalidenstraße 6
1030 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 211 14-555
Email: convention@vienna.info

Wiener Tourismusverband - Vienna Convention Bureau

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Background and Objective 

The IAEA will convene an international conference during the week of 19 to 23 June 2023 to provide Member States with a forum to discuss the evolving nature of computer security in the nuclear field, including the mitigation capabilities and related tools, as the vulnerability to the theft and/or manipulation of sensitive information and computer systems to cyber-attacks is widely recognized.

The conference will provide a place for competent authorities, operators, system and security integrators and vendors, and other relevant entities engaged in computer security activities related to nuclear security or safety to exchange information and foster international cooperation in computer security as an integral element of nuclear security and safety through:

  • presentations and discussion on nuclear security and safety efforts to date within the area of computer security (including achievements, experience gained and lessons learned)
  • review of emerging trends in computer security and areas that need to be addressed
  • consideration of possible objectives and priorities for nuclear security or safety efforts in computer security, and of how current approaches may evolve to address these and meet future challenges
  • consideration of how the IAEA and other international organizations can contribute to international cooperation in this important area.

Main Topics

Consistent with the objectives, the overall themes for the conference will be:

  • state-level strategy and regulatory approaches for computer security in a nuclear security regime;
  • computer security programme implementation;
  • computer security in supply chain management;
  • practical implementation of computer security assurance activities;
  • sustainability of computer security; 
  • human resources contribution to computer security;
  • international cooperation in computer security for a nuclear security regime;
  • computer security of emerging digital technologies for nuclear activities.


The conference will contribute to raise awareness of the threat of cyber-attacks, and of their potential impact on nuclear security and safety, and on mitigation techniques to protect computer-based systems and facilities. It will foster international cooperation as well as bring together experts and policy-makers to promote the exchange of information and experiences in protecting against cyber-attacks. Furthermore, it will help to improve and guide future IAEA activities in the area of information and computer security consistent with the Nuclear Security Plan 2022–2025.

Dauer des Meetings

5 Tage
Zielland: Österreich

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