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Building Galaxies from Scratch

Advances and Challenges in Simulating Galaxy Evolution

Veranstaltet von: Universität Wien


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Universität Wien, Veranstaltungsmanagement

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Simulating galaxy formation is a challenging problem in theoretical astrophysics because of the wide range of scales and the large variety of physical processes involved. Feedback energy injected on scales of parsecs directly influences gas flows on scales as large as Megaparsec and important physical processes include not only gravity and (magneto)hydrodynamics, but also radiative cooling, star formation, radiation transport, as well as the physics of cosmic rays.
Despite these challenges, cosmological galaxy simulations have made drastic progress in the last decades, from being unable to produce disk galaxies at all to successfully reproducing the full population of galaxies in large cosmological box simulations (at least at low redshift). This success has been achieved with a broad number of different effective physics models and numerical schemes for galaxy physics, though even the numerical schemes for hydrodynamics and gravity are quite different.
In this meeting we present and examine the current state of the art of galaxy simulations in a cosmological context. We discuss the possible and best routes to the next generation of cosmological simulations that will further our insights into galaxy formation, one of the most complex problems in the Universe.

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